Wealthiher Weekly Fix: How To Confidently Speak Up At Work

I’ve chosen to share some advice around being comfortable in asking questions. We know that confidence is something that a lot of women struggle with at work, and I think this extends to feeling comfortable enough to put your hand up and ask for further information. It is so important to feel at ease doing this – don’t build towers of knowledge built on shaky foundations.

You can have absolute confidence in what you do day to day, both in your business and your personal life, but no one expects you to be all knowing in other walks of life.

It’s taken me a long time, but one of the most valuable changes I made was finding the confidence to voice that I wanted to learn more.

It will drive you forwards professionally – it shows you are honest, keen to learn and meticulous in the quality of your knowledge. These are all great attributes! Anyone that has a comment to pass on your request to learn probably isn’t the type of person you want to be learning too much from.

Don’t let the fear of vulnerability slam the breaks on your career. Be inquisitive and be proud in having the confidence to be so! I hope this was useful, and remember to take the opportunity to learn.

By Emily Cvijan, Private Banking at Investec.

Emily Cvijan - Investec Private Bank