Jeannie Mai: How You Can Tackle Human Trafficking

Jeannie Mai, host of daily talk show The Real is committed to tackling human trafficking, which is currently the third largest dark crime in the world. Mai works with NightLight International, an organization committed to rescuing women and children from sex trafficking and providing victims with employment opportunities to support their recovery. 

“At the foundation of human trafficking is the need to make money. The business of bodies and selling people is very lucrative. There is also not the government structure (in some of these countries) to protect people from being sold and traded.

The next thing is ‘toxic masculinity,’ the constant approval and need for men to act in a hostile manner. This allows it to be cool to play down women, or grab them. But men are victims too - only they are not allowed to talk about it because of toxic masculinity. Those are some of the main causes of trafficking, but there is so much to it,” says Mai.

You can take steps to tackle trafficking and support Jeannie’s work in three ways:

  1. Invest time in understanding what trafficking is all about. You can do this by watching her film Stopping Traffic

  2. You can also join or fund raise for organization’s out there like Not for Sale , who work with victims of trafficking

  3. For men there are resources out there like Dr. John King, which they can use to understand how trafficking affects them and then get involved.

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