Múkami Kinoti Kimotho: How To Champion Young Women Everywhere

‘Múkami Kinoti Kimotho, storyteller, creative entrepreneur and CEO at Royelles Inc is on a mission to ignite and empower young girls to be confident, authentic and fearless. Múkami is achieving this by creating transformational content, play experiences and value that drives girls and young women everywhere to boldly realize their potential in Leadership and STEAM.

“I was heartbroken when my daughter shared with me that she thought she wasn’t pretty like her other friends,” Kimoth reflects. “I’ve spoken to hundreds of other mothers and it turns out that we’ve had the same experience and want the same things for our girls! We want them to know, deep down, that they are fierce, that they are more than enough, that they are fully equipped to do great things with their lives. We need them to know that a girl’s difference is her superpower,” she says.

Múkami says her goal is to ignite and empower a global community of at least a million girls in need. “Girls who have are underrepresented undeserved towards recognizing that we are in fact trailblazers and change makers and everyday superheroes and capable of realizing their utmost potential. My goal is to rally girls all over the world to not just own their individuality and their authenticity but join this community and this revolution I'm really calling it a Royales revolution of inspired and empowering girls. Get that can recognize that their power as everyday superheroes and help another girl within their sphere of influence join come along in their own power just owning their power,” says Múkami.

You can support this amazing work by attending the Royelles Revolution LIVE! By attending this event you will become part of a global community that supports young women to boldly pursue and realize their infinite potential – just as they are.

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