Free Program To Support Women’s Mental Health
Deepak Chopra and Gabriella Wright

Gabriella Wright

More women and girls are experiencing stress, anxiety, and other mental health impacts as a result of the pandemic. Experts warn that this could have devastating long-term impacts. In September, the nonprofit organization Care released findings from a study investigating 10,000 men and women’s experiences of mental health across 40 countries. The findings show that 27% of women had reported increases in challenges in relation to mental illness, compared to 10% of men. The reason for the gender disparity in mental wellbeing is a result of several factors such as unpaid labor in the house which increased exponentially in many cases led to stress, worries about food, work, and health care.

Women are more prone to experience gender-based violence during lockdown. They are also almost twice as likely to find it harder to access quality healthcare services needed during the pandemic. The facts behind the COVID-19 pandemic crisis reveal that mothers of small children are three times more likely than fathers to lose their jobs. Single mothers are faring even worse. At the same time, suicide is the second leading cause of death among young adults, but statistically higher for young women.

That is why Deepak Chopra and Gabriella Wright, this week’s guests, have teamed up to support women with the Love in Action campaign, which provides all women with free access to a three-month course designed by Deepak to take on and overcome the mental health challenges women are grappling with. The initiative will partner with EBY, the women’s underwear brand, to support and empower women to realize their full potential. On today’s episode, Deepak and Gabriella will share more about this incredible initiative.

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