Art Girl Rising
Liezel Strauss

Liezel Strauss

Today, women continue to be undervalued and underrepresented in the art world. On our podcast today, we have Liezel Strauss, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Subject Matter, an online art gallery that empowers artists and works to address inequalities in the art world. A recent survey of 18 prominent art museums in the US found that, out of 10,000 artists featured, 87 percent are male and 85 are white. Moreover, women on average earn 81ยข for every dollar made by male artists.

Subject Matter campaigns for fair pay for artists, curating all-women shows, mentoring female artists and so much more. In this episode, Liezel will share with us the story behind an initiative she started called Art Girl Rising.

She will also talk about the barriers that women face in the industry, and what we can all do to support women artists.

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