The Real Reason You Are Struggling To Hire Diverse Candidates 
Michelle King and Kelly Thomson

This podcast is dedicated to the topic of hiring diverse talent whilst also looking at what businesses can do to really try and value difference. 

Research states that 46% of people’s experiences of inclusion at work are down to their manager’s behavior. So, 46% of your experiences of whether you feel included or not are attributed to your manager’s behavior. So when I hear “not my workplace, I’ve done everything I can. My workplace is a meritocracy. These hostile work environments might be true for some people. It’s not true for my workplace”. I need you to take a breath and accept the fact that because your workplace works for you, you are probably not aware of the ways in which it doesn’t work for other people.

We need to believe people when they tell of their lived experience in your workplace and actually their lived experience of you and understand that actually women might not feel safe to speak up.  

Listen in to find out more about how you can hire smart and also listen better to those already hired.