Michelle King – Do You Trust Your Workplace?

The degree to which we feel like we belong at work depends on the nature of our relationship with our workplace. We don’t often think about our job as a relationship, but it is, at least in a sense. Your job is a reciprocal relationship. You exchange your time, energy, and expertise for money, advancement, and fulfillment at a basic level. The exchange can happen only if both parties trust each other, which is why I refer to the relationship between workplaces and employees as a trust exchange.

The challenge we have today is that so many people don’t trust their workplaces, this is why we see the rise of quiet quitting or the lazy girl jobs phenomenon. People want to come to work do the bare minimum and go home, because workplaces are not meeting their needs beyond a paycheck.

The problem is next to sleeping, work is where we spend the most number of hours over our lifetime. We cannot afford to not care about work or ignore our need for meaning and belonging. Our experience of work makes up a huge proportion of our experience of life.

Michelle King

How Work Works