Michelle King – How to close the graduate skill gap

It’s that time of year again; companies are adding new graduates to their ranks and training them, much like they always have. According to a National Association of Colleges and Employers report, despite a slower job market, hiring projections indicate that companies plan to hire 4% more graduates in 2023 than in 2022. While employers continue hiring graduates, many are unaware of the specific skill gaps graduates face and what managers can do to solve these challenges.

Companies often sell the idea that an employee’s potential is determined by the skills they can list on a resume, but this isn’t true. Just take a look at the way companies promote employees within an organization. Every year, managers will meet to discuss which employees have the potential to move to the next level. Leaders will debate people’s different skill sets to try and achieve consensus on the final list of candidates for future leadership positions. What leaders are assessing isn’t the technical or soft skills an employee has; instead, it’s their ability to learn on the job.

In this week’s episode, we share what skills graduates need to thrive in the new world of work but to maximize their potential we need graduates to take ownership of what they learn and how they learn it.

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