Minda Harts – How To Write A Book That Gets Published

The publishing industry is notorious for its lack of diversity. In 2016 The Bookseller examined the lists of the UK’s most established publishing houses and found that there were fewer than 100 books published by authors of colour.  

In 2021, out of a total of 4,017 authors and illustrators featured across 33 catalogues from the UK’s top five publishers and selected independent presses, 2.5% were Black British, when compared to the overall output.  

These numbers speak for themselves. 

In this episode, I am interviewing my friend and three times published bestselling author Minda Harts on how to write a book and get it published. We will also be unpacking how to tackle inequality in publishing.  

I really think we all can play a role in either perpetuating or tackling the inequality in publishing through the books we purchase and the content we consume. All of our choices either disrupt or contribute to the inequality in publishing. If we truly want to consume the best content, then we need to level the playing field so that all the talented voices can be heard.  

Minda Harts

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