Tamara Gillan and Lisa Francis: An Open Dialogue About Women’s Wealth

Men and women have different needs and attitudes when it comes to managing money. However, banks and investment companies often approach everyone in the same way, which tends to be a male one. This alienates and excludes women from engaging in the financial aspects of their lives.

In this episode, we announced our partnership with the WealthiHer Network, an organization “established to champion the diversity of women’s wealth - with the end goal of better servicing female investors. According to the 2019 WeathiHer report (which surveyed more than 2500 people), over a third of women feel patronized when dealing with the financial industry — and this negatively impacts their confidence.

This week, you’ll hear from two members of the Wealthiher Network, Tamara Gillan, Founder and CEO of Cherry London and Lisa Francis, CEO of UK & Ireland Private Bank and Overseas Services at Barclays Investment Bank. It is estimated that 86 percent of investment advisors are men aged 50+. The lack of women in the industry means that women’s needs are simply not being represented. When it comes to finances, the gender confidence gap really comes down to the way in which financial institutions do not adequately account for women as end users.

This episode is supported by the WealthiHer Network: www.wealthihernetwork.com

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Sylvia Acevedo: Teaching Girls to Become Digital Leaders

A 2018 report by the National Girls Collaborative Project outlines findings regarding girls and women in STEM fields. The researchers found that, while girls and boys have the same abilities in math and science, they differ in their interest and confidence in STEM subjects. Award-winning entrepreneur, author and Girls Scouts CEO, Sylvia Acevedo joins us this week to share her journey and formidable rise in the technology industry. After working as an engineer at IBM, Sylvia held executive positions at Fortune 100 companies, including Apple and Dell.

Today, as Girl Scouts of the USA's newly named CEO, Sylvia leads the organization made up of 2.5 million members. Through different initiatives, Girl Scouts enables young women to explore and develop their interest in STEM fields. In this episode, Sylvia will share with us how the organization is preparing young women for the future world of work.

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Scott Beth: How To Be An Ally

To help eliminate gender, racial and LGBTQ discrimination, a lot of companies are trying solutions like unconscious bias training. But these current mechanisms only get you so far, as employees often don’t know how to apply this knowledge. In this episode, we’ll be hearing from Scott Beth, VP, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Intuit, about how they are tackling this issue through the company's Ally Program. Intuit has implemented this initiative to champion their LGBTQ employees, and are now using across all areas of difference. On the podcast, Scott will also share what each of us can do to be an ally at work.

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Katty Kay: Closing the Confidence Gap

We are excited to have Katty Kay back as a guest on the podcast. Katty is a lead anchor of BBC World News America. In 2014, Katty and Claire Shipman released a book entitled “The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance — What Women Should Know”.

The book resonated deeply with women and became a bestseller. As a follow up, Katty and Claire wrote "The Confidence Code for Girls", which shares how young women can practice and live a confident life.

In this episode, Katty will share with us how to build confidence, the dangers of perfectionism, and how all of us have a role to play in support girls to be more confident.

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Tina Brown: Supporting The Global Sisterhood

How do we champion the stories of women around the world? In this episode, media legend Tina Brown joins us on the podcast to share the global challenges facing women today and how they are tackling these head on.

Tina is a veteran journalist, author and former magazine editor, revitalizing top publications like Vanity Fair and the New Yorker during her tenure. She is also the founder and CEO of the Women in the World Summit — an annual gathering of global women leaders and activists. Listen to Tina talk about her career in media and why we all have a role to play in amplifying women's voices, everywhere.

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Cara Pelletier: What the Best Place for Women to Work Looks Like

What makes an organization a great place for women to work? How can business leaders create a culture that supports everyone to advance?

On the show, you’ll be hearing from Cara Pelletier, Director of Diversity, Equality and Belonging at Ultimate Software.

Ultimate Software is a technology company that has consistently been ranked one of the top places for women to work. In 2018, the company ranked 1st in Fortune’s "Best Places for Women to Work” and CIO's "Best Places to Work for Women in Technology".

On this episode, Cara will share how to create a work environment that encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work. She will also share her advice for what leaders can do to put equality into practice.

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Alexander Haslam: Beyond the Glass Ceiling, the Glass Cliff

We’ve all heard the term ‘glass ceiling’, which is often used to describe the invisible barrier women face as they approach positions of leadership. But what happens when women access leadership positions? Are all leadership positions the same? What challenges are women leaders likely to encounter?

In this episode, we are going to unpack the glass cliff phenomenon, a term coined by researchers Alexander Haslam and Michelle Ryan. Alexander will share with us what the glass cliff is, why it happens and what organizations can do to address it.

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Sascha Mayer: Transforming the Culture of Breastfeeding at Work

Mamava is a women-owned company that provides innovative solutions to transform the culture of breastfeeding at work and in public spaces. In 2006, CEO and Co-Founder Sascha Mayer launched the business together with her friend Christine Dodson. Mamava affords women on-the-go the opportunity to nurse their child anywhere, anytime, through their freestanding lactation pods and mobile locator app. On this episode, Sascha will talk about the challenges that mothers face as they return to the workplace. She will also share with us how businesses stand to benefit when they create environments that support working mothers.

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Abby Wambach: We Are The Wolves

Abby Wambach is a soccer legend, New York Times best selling author and activist for equality and inclusion. A two-time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA World Cup champion, Abby has made an undeniable mark in international soccer history as the all-time leading scorer in the sport. In this episode, Abby will tell us about the norms she had to unlearn as an athlete in a male-dominated environment. She will also share some of the key lessons from her upcoming book “WOLFPACK: How to Come Together, Unleash Our Power, and Change the Game”— and how she plans to lead women into future world of work.

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Special Episode: Stop Fixing Women

“In the world of gender inequality, a lot of the solutions that are put forward focus on fixing women. These are initiatives that try to help women change, adapt and fit into a world of work that really supports white, middle class, heterosexual, able-bodied men.”

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, we wanted to do something special. In this episode, you’ll hear about Michelle King's journey and some of the challenges she's experienced as a researcher and advocate for gender equality. Towards the end of the podcast, she'll also be talking about what each of us can do to put equality into practice at work.

Michelle will be joined by Beatrice Cornacchia, Mastercard’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications in Middle East and Africa. Bea has been working at Mastercard for 28 years and has been the creative force behind the company’s brand strategy in 69 markets.

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Dr. Michael Kaufman: Why Men Must Join The Gender Equality Revolution

“An agenda to engage men to support gender equality, to support women's rights is very much a pro male agenda.” On this week's episode, we'll be hearing from public speaker, author and educator, Dr. Michael Kaufman, whose work focuses on engaging men and boys to promote gender equality. Dr. Kaufman is also the Co-Founder of the White Ribbon Campaign, the largest network of men working to end violence against women.

Last month, Dr. Kaufman launched his new book entitled “The Time Has Come: Why Men Must Join the Gender Equality Revolution”.

In this episode, we'll share how men benefit from supporting gender equality efforts and what actions they can take to become better allies to women at work.

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Ice Maidens: Inspiring Women to Achieve the Impossible

Major Nics Wetherill and Lance Sergeant Sophie Montagne are two extraordinary women who are part of the Ice Maidens — the first all-women team to ski across Antarctica using muscle power alone. On this episode, you’ll hear about the team’s record-breaking expedition which showcased the power of women working together to overcome insurmountable odds. Nics and Sophie will also share the life lessons they both learned when it comes to team work, leadership skills and mental resilience — which each of us can apply to working life.

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Damon Jones: The Best Men Can Be

Last month, Gillette, the razor company, released an ad campaign called “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be”. The ad has amassed 28 million views and has generated both praise and criticism for what some believe labels all men and masculinity as bad. To address the issues surrounding the campaign and understand the intent behind it, we invited Damon Jones, VP of Global Communications and Advocacy at Procter & Gamble, owners of the brand Gillette, on our podcast this week.

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Mikaila Ulmer: Life's Little Stings

Mikaila Ulmer is the 14-year old founder of lemonade company Me & the Bees Lemonade and one of the youngest entrepreneurs to land a deal on the hit reality TV show, Shark Tank. Mikaila started selling lemonade in makeshift stalls at the age of four. Today, her products can be purchased in over 620 retailers, including Whole Foods. In this episode, Mikaila will share how she built a successful business and more recently, a nonprofit organization to help save the bees.

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Heidi Zak: To Each, Her Own

Heidi Zak, CEO and co-founder of bra and underwear company ThirdLove, shares her journey in building a truly inclusive brand that meets the needs of real women. In this episode, we will also talk about Heidi’s powerful open letter to Victoria’s Secret and why she was compelled to address the company’s body shaming comments that discriminated against minority groups

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Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené: Slay in Your Lane

Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené are the co-authors of the book Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible. Elizabeth was a new a graduate when she started reading business books aimed at getting ahead. She read books like 'Lean In' by Sheryl Sandberg and ultimately discovered that there was a gap in the market. She thought that the available books weren’t written for young black women who are navigating their careers. On this episode, the best friend duo will talk about the career challenges they faced as young black women and how each of us can take steps to empower and support women of color in our own work environments.

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Yassmin Abdel-Magied: Smashing Stereotypes

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a Sudanese-Australian author, engineer and social justice advocate. Throughout her life, she has had to overcome stereotypes. Yassmin graduated with first class honours in engineering, and started a career working on oil rigs, often as the only woman and Muslim. On this episode, Yassmin shares her story and experience with overcoming prejudice, and how businesses need to get comfortable with confronting these issues at work.

Take the Harvard University Implicit Bias Test:

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Presenting The Fix // Jameela Jamil: You Weigh More Than You Think

In 2018, British actress and activist Jameela Jamil made headlines when she called out the media for perpetuating images of “perfection”. She says that society continues to value women based on their body size, instead of their talents and accomplishments.

As a teenager, Jameela struggled with a prolonged eating disorder that severely impacted her health. Today, Jameela is speaking out for women, especially teenage girls, who might be blinded by images of perfection shared on social media and magazines.

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