Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené: Slay in Your Lane

Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené are the co-authors of the book Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible. Elizabeth was a new a graduate when she started reading business books aimed at getting ahead. She read books like 'Lean In' by Sheryl Sandberg and ultimately discovered that there was a gap in the market. She thought that the available books weren’t written for young black women who are navigating their careers. On this episode, the best friend duo will talk about the career challenges they faced as young black women and how each of us can take steps to empower and support women of color in our own work environments.

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Yassmin Abdel-Magied: Smashing Stereotypes

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a Sudanese-Australian author, engineer and social justice advocate. Throughout her life, she has had to overcome stereotypes. Yassmin graduated with first class honours in engineering, and started a career working on oil rigs, often as the only woman and Muslim. On this episode, Yassmin shares her story and experience with overcoming prejudice, and how businesses need to get comfortable with confronting these issues at work.

Take the Harvard University Implicit Bias Test:

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Presenting The Fix // Jameela Jamil: You Weigh More Than You Think

In 2018, British actress and activist Jameela Jamil made headlines when she called out the media for perpetuating images of “perfection”. She says that society continues to value women based on their body size, instead of their talents and accomplishments.

As a teenager, Jameela struggled with a prolonged eating disorder that severely impacted her health. Today, Jameela is speaking out for women, especially teenage girls, who might be blinded by images of perfection shared on social media and magazines.

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2018 Recap: Our Top Podcast Episodes

To close out 2018, we're sharing our most-listened-to episodes featuring amazing guests we've had on the show! You'll hear career advice from champions of equality and women empowerment such as Amy Cuddy, Justin Baldoni and Dr. Cindy Pace. We're sharing practical tips and lessons you can take with you in the workplace in 2019!

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Mary Hamilton: Culture of Equality

We've probably all heard the term glass ceiling, which is used to describe the invisible barriers that prevent women from advancing to senior leadership roles. The general view is that women face this barrier later on in their career. But what if this isn't the case?

Managing Director at Accenture Labs Mary Hamilton joins us on the podcast today for a deeper dive into their report, "Getting To Equal 2018: Spotlight on Young Leaders". Mary will share with us the factors that drive inequality among millennial women. She’ll also reveal key actions that leaders and organizations can take to remove these barriers.

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Cheryl Eisen: Building a Fempire

Have you ever wondered what a workplace designed for women and run by women would look like? What about an all women run and owned business that generates one million dollars in annual revenue?

They do exist – and on this podcast, we’ll be unpacking what this workplace looks like with Founder and CEO of Interior Marketing Group, Cheryl Eisen. In this episode, Cheryl talks about how she built a culture that supports and empowers women and why this is critical to the organization's success.

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Sophie Goldschmidt: Equality in Sports

Pay inequality exists across all industries — including sports. The World Surf League recently announced that it will award equal prize money to male and female athletes beginning 2019. On today’s podcast, we have the pleasure of speaking with Sophie Goldschmidt, the League’s first female CEO. It will become the first and only US based global sports league, and among the first internationally, to achieve prize money equality. Sophie will share why the League wants to be at the forefront of pushing for equality in sports… and what this means for female athletes across the world.

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Dr. Cindy Pace: How To Get Ahead

Research has consistently shown that diverse leadership can yield higher financial returns. Yet companies still fall short in promoting women, particularly women of color, to senior roles. To unpack this issue, global talent and diversity expert Dr. Cindy Pace joins us on the podcast. She recently published an article on Harvard Business Review entitled “How Women of Color Get to Senior Management”. In this episode, we’ll upack the key challenges women of color face and what solutions work to combat this.

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Cynthia Germanotta and Maya Enista Smith: Be kind. Be brave.

To celebrate World Kindness Day, we are highlighting the profound initiatives of extraordinary women from the Born This Way Foundation. Cynthia Germanotta launched the Foundation together with her daughter, advocate and international superstar Lady Gaga. The organization is aimed at empowering young people to create a kinder and braver world. On the podcast we’ve talked about online harassment, self-care and what we can all do to better support women at work. In exploring these topics, it’s important to emphasize the power of kindness and why it matters. How we treat ourselves and the people we interact with day to day have a ripple effect in our workplaces and at home.

On this episode, Cynthia will be joined by the Foundation’s Executive Director, Maya Enista Smith. Both women will inspire and challenge us to make a difference, and more importantly, be kinder to one another.

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Sacha Nauta: Fast Forward to January 2069

Have you ever wondered what a gender equal world would be like? In July 2018, The Economist published a fascinating article entitled “If 50% of CEOs were women, Generation XX: January 2069”. On this episode, we're imagining for a moment that gender equality is the norm. Women are advancing in corporations at the same rate and hold just as many powerful positions as men. Sacha Nauta, public policy editor for The Economist, joins us to explore this world and together we try to answer the question: What got us to a gender equal future?

Read the article here  https://www.economist.com/the-world-if/2018/07/07/generation-xx-january-2069

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Lisa Borders: #MeToo, Now What?

Time’s Up recently appointed Lisa Borders to serve as the organization’s first-ever president and CEO. She's charged with leading the group’s efforts to ensure protection and equal opportunity for working women across all industries. On the show, Lisa shares her plans for the organization, what taking on this new role means to her and the importance of engaging men in our fight for gender equality.

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Múkami Kinoti Kimotho: Disrupting Perfection

Múkami Kinoti Kimotho is a storyteller, creative entrepreneur and CEO at Royelles Inc.. After learning that her own 4 year old daughter is plagued by today's culture of negative self-image, she's now on a mission to ignite and empower young girls to be confident, authentic and fearless. On the podcast, Mukami shares some of the challenges she’s faced as an entrepreneur, and why she prioritizes balance over perfection when it comes to building her business.

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Nigel Barker: All Men Can Be Feminist Fathers

Nigel Barker is an internationally renowned fashion photographer — best known for his role as a judge on the show America’s Next Top Model. A gender equal adovacte and humanitarian, Nigel recently became a Champion for Girl Up, the United Nation Foundation’s campaign that advocates for adolescent girls in the developing world. On the podcast, Nigel will talk about what it means to be feminist father, and why he wants his daughter and son to grow up empowered to become whoever they want to be.

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Michelle Ebanks: Empowering New Voices

Michelle Ebanks, President of Essence Communications Incorporated, a media, technology and e-commerce company dedicated to African-American women is once again at the forefront of a critical and game-changing initiative. On the podcast, Michelle will talk about the New Voices Fund, a $100 million dollar fund that aims to fix the investment gap affecting women of color. Michelle will share the economic impact of the initiative, and her advice for women of color who face challenges everyday while building their own business.

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Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli: Be Your Own Hero

Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli shattered glass ceilings when they raised more than $675,000 on Kickstarter in one month — turning their campaign into the most crowdfunded original book in history. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is a series of books that puts a modern spin on fairy tales, with real-life, extraordinary women as the main characters. On the podcast, Francesca and Elena share with us why it’s so important for girls and boys everywhere to read about extraordinary women who have changed the course of history.

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Shelina Moreda: Do It For You

Shelina Moreda is the first woman to ever race a motorcycle at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, known as the “The Greatest Race Course in the World”. While struggling initially to break into the sport, Shelina is now shattering barriers on and off the track. On the podcast, she'll talk about how we can conquer our fears, and why women already have what it takes to live their dreams.

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Nicole Richie: Create Your Own Success

Nicole Richie has proved her place in fashion through her label — a brand she fought hard to build — House of Harlow 1960. Today on the podcast, Nicole will share how she created her own version of success, and why balancing motherhood and life as an entrepreneur is a constant process.

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Amber Tamblyn: Don't Be Silent

Actress and Time’s Up Co-Founder Amber Tamblyn recently published her debut novel, Any Man. She shares with us why stories, including the most harrowing and painful ones, are critical in giving women back their freedom.

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